benefits of PEEK prosthesisThe fact that the PEEK prosthesis is removable, it can be easily cleaned. The usual crowns are firmly anchored in the jaw and often they are not firmly on the gum so that leftovers can get into the space where they are usually only be removed with dental floss. The result is bad breath or even severe inflammation that can range up to the bone.

Another advantage of PEEK prosthesis is also that it supports the walls and lips from the inside. So the old man’s face so-called put an end and filled the skin around the mouth. Wrinkles are thus not as deep and the face is full. Another but important advantage of PEEK prosthesis is that although it is necessary to removable dentures counts maxillary no palate and thus the tongue is no longer restricted.

5 reasons for PEEK prosthesis

When it comes to the choice of your own dentist and in particular the choice of your dentures, then you often make a decision which significantly affects the quality of life in the coming years. So, of course, you should get informed before you make a final decision of the prosthesis desired. Especially with the so-called PEEK prosthesis, there is a lot of information that the average person should understand. To make a choice a little bit easier, here are 5 reasons to choose a PEEK prosthesis:

1. The PEEK prosthesis is without an added palatal plate

If you’ve had a regular prosthesis in the mouth, then you know that the palatal plate the hardest part to get used to. First, the tongue is restricted, then you have to learn to speak again and also there is a permanent feel of foreign body that you need to get used to. The PEEK prosthesis is additionally strengthened, so a plate which covers the gum is no longer needed.

2. The PEEK prosthesis is easy to clean

Anyone who was wearing braces as a child or as an adult had a long bridge as denture knows how annoying and nerve-wracking cleaning could be. The PEEK prosthesis is however very easy to clean. Bad breath and gingivitis thus belong to the past.

3. The PEEK prosthesis is flexible

One of the biggest advantages of PEEK prosthesis is its flexibility. Upon inserting, the prosthesis gets locked with two bolts which can be done with the finger. To remove it, you release the two bolts with the opener provided by the dentist or with a paperclip.

4. The PEEK prosthesis is straightforward

As the PEEK-denture removal is simple so the repairs are of course much easier than with conventional dentures. Maintenance is therefore very inexpensive and can be carried out within half an hour.

5. The PEEK prosthesis is proven and established

The so-called PEEK materials from which the base of the PEEK prosthesis is manufactured, is used for years in the joint implantology and has been proven there as a body-neutral and very resistant material. Due to its biocompatibility and the fact that it has a similar strength as a bone, the PEEK material is ideal for use in dentures supported by implants.