Polyetheretherketone as a scaffolding material in the CAD/CAM

Polyetheretherketone is being used for many years in various medical specialties and has proven itself as a composite. The dental technology or dentistry has discovered the flexible material polyetheretherketone in the past 15 years and uses it now i.a. as a scaffold material in CAD/CAM, i.e. in computerized design and manufacturing. But what advantages does polyetheretherketone actually have?

Polyetheretherketone or PEEK is as a thermoplastic polymer. The plastic is colorless and organic. Additionally, PEEK is stable at high temperatures, since the melting point of the substance is over 340 °C. It is used in medical technology and in other areas such as the aerospace industry or automotive industry.

PEEK material

What are the advantages of using polyetheretherketone as a scaffolding material?

  • PEEK is biocompatible: The polymer is biocompatible, it does not produce irritation and other negative influences on the patient.
  • PEEK is exactly: Compared to other materials, polyetheretherketone can be very precisely formed . Material changes such as deformations in the preparation and the time-consuming rework don't occur with PEEK.
  • PEEK is sustainable: Polyetheretherketone has a relatively long life, with proper processing and care. It is thus much more sustainable than conventional scaffolding materials.
  • With PEEK you need a little time: The processing of PEEK as a scaffold material in CAD / CAM is connected to a small amount of time. Moreover, the process can be repeated without any problems, since, as previously mentioned, the polyetheretherketone needs hardly any reworking.

The advantages are so obvious - polyetheretherketone is an ideal scaffolding material for CAD / CAM. There is little abrasion and it is very resistant, precise work with PEEK is very easy. Furthermore, PEEK is easy to process, making the manufacturing process and the reproduction not only faster but also simplified. The results are accurate and incomparable in quality.