The suffering of a full denture

The conventional full dentures on the market show us that there is much more left to do in the field of dentistry. Full dentures have too many problems that should not exist. Impurities and fungal infections are developing, the denture does not hold tight or it just looks fake, and therefore restricts the everyday life. A much better solution for you and every person who suffers from the denture wobbles is the PEEK prosthesis by Dr. Tóka.


loose dentures

But why does it wobble?

Pressure points in the gums often occur,  or the bone changes with time, and the denture does not hold. This is annoying, because this can even cause wiggling in a previously properly seated full denture. Sometimes it is not processed thoroughly enough and not appropriately adjusted to the gums and the bone. This can also form unpleasant bruises and lead to more problems with time. Strong adhesive creams are often of no help anymore, the prosthesis wobbles and only a visit to the dentist is the answer. However, even in that case it starts to wobble again after some time.