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When it comes to the dentures, a lot of people have concerns, and are right. Crowns have all kinds of problems, which should be taken into consideration before you opt for them.

However, there are other options. The latest prosthesis in dentistry makes the problems of conventional options disappear. The PEEK prosthesis of Dr. Toka is the better solution. Tight fit guaranteed.

The actual prosthesis is placed onto the bridge...

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Because the PEEK prosthesis is removable, it can be easily cleaned ...

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How does the PEEK Denture work?

The implants are responsible for the firm anchoring of the prosthesis. These are inserted in the jawbone in a minor surgical procedure. After the healing period of the implants, an individual bridge made of medical titanium is screwed tight onto them. Because there is enough free space for cleaning around the bridge, the sensitive part of the gums, where the implant comes out, is very easy to keep clean.

The actual prosthesis is placed onto this bridge. The tooth and gum replica have a small bar which is used to fix them on the bridge. With the spanner that you got on the clinic - or even a paper clip, if you currently don't have a spanner at hand - you can move this bar inwards from the outside of the prosthesis and so loosen it from the bridge. That way it is easy to clean it under running water. You can brush the bridge with a little toothpaste.

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What are the advantages of the PEEK prosthesis?

Due to the fact that the PEEK prosthesis is removable it is also easy to clean. Common crowns are firmly anchored in the jaw and often do not lay firmly on the gum so that particles of food can get in between the teeth, where they usually can only be removed with dental floss. The result is bad breath or even severe inflammation that can reach even to the bone. Another advantage of PEEK prosthesis is that it also supports cheeks and lips from the inside. So the so-called “old man's face” is now resolved and the skin around the mouth appears firmer. This way wrinkles do not appear as deep and the face becomes full-looking. Another essential advantage of PEEK prosthesis is that although it belongs to removable dentures no palatal plate is needed and thus the tongue is no longer restricted.

So if you are interested in the PEEK prosthesis, you can arrange a free consultation with Dr. Toka in the clinic. The PEEK prosthesis is a wonderful solution for people who care about their mouth and secure feeling.

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